Why eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices are so important

Your Home

Create a healthy environment without toxic VOC's and chemical off-gassing.

Your Children

Be certain that your children and pets are safe and living in a chemical free environment as much as possible. Your example will mean something for their future.

The Earth

Take care of the environment by recycling, reusing and using sustainable materials whenever possible. Incorporate energy efficiency measures and renewable energy in your home.


Let us help you obtain your design dreams in an elegant, healthy, eco-friendly, cost effective way!

Nancy Reynolds

Nancy Reynolds

Interior Designer

Nancy has over 40 years of hands on practical interior design and construction experience. Her expertise, imagination and creative ability guide projects ranging from redesigning small spaces to refining homes during renovation or new construction. Her diverse portfolio is built on strong client relationships, excellence and the flexibility to find the right sustainable solutions.

Tom Wineman

Tom Wineman

Construction Supervisor and Design Consultant

Tom has been collaborating with me for almost 30 years. WIth his construction supervisor license he oversees our projects and is an expert in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Mark Spivey

Mark Spivey

Schematic Design and Drafting

Mark assists with our drafting, schematic design, floor and furniture plans for our presentations.

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